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"Engineering the Internet of Things"

Today, more than six billion smart devices are connected to the internet, and this number is growing exponentially every day. This technological ecosystem is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Design and development of new smart devices creates growth opportunities for existing businesses, and the constant evolution of the IoT and gives rise to new markets and companies. The potential economic impact of the Internet of Things has been estimated to be more than $10 trillion per year.

The mission of CAE Associates has always been to help engineers develop the best possible products, through the use of  ANSYS simulation software. IoT product development is an integral part of this mission. The ANSYS Simulation-Driven Product Development approach is key to the successful design of the smart devices of tomorrow, whether they are wearable consumer devices, medical implants, connected cars or industrial turbines.  



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ANSYS has collected best practices from our extensive work with leaders in IoT, across many industries, to provide a comprehensive framework for applying engineering simulation to the Internet of Things. View the video below and download the eBook and Whitepaper to learn how to apply these best practices to your development process.