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The intent of ANSYS technical support is to help the user with a particular problem he or she is having with the software or to answer a specific question on the use of the software.

CAE Associates prides itself on being the premier provider of ANSYS technical support in the U.S. Our engineers support the world’s most sophisticated users of ANSYS software at companies like General Electric and United Technologies. We strive to ensure that our clients get the right answer in a timely manner and frequently go the extra mile to help answer questions which reach well outside the bounds of software usage. We field well over 4,000 calls per year from our users. In order to be able to best serve all of our clients, we request that callers follow some basic guidelines, which are provided below:

When providing technical support, our engineers assume that the caller has attended, at a minimum, an ANSYS Introductory course or has knowledge of the use of the ANSYS code equivalent to that obtained in the Introductory class. If the customer intends to perform advanced analysis using the ANSYS program, then it is highly recommended that the appropriate ANSYS training class also be attended. Technical support is not intended as a forum for teaching someone to perform an entire analysis or to replace a training class. Please see our schedule of training classes and e-learning webinars if you are interested in a particular class or application.

The CAE Associates engineer providing technical support also expects that the caller has reviewed the documentation on the support call subject and has made some basic attempts to understand and solve the problem on their own or with more experienced colleagues before calling for support. Technical support is not intended as a substitute for basic review of the documentation.

Technical support includes explanations of standard software installation and intended software feature usage, but does not include:

  • Providing engineering judgment for a customer's application(s).
  • Diagnosing problems with the analysis or model other than identifying potential software errors or incorrect usage of the software.
  • Providing support for customization or extensions to ANSYS' standard software delivery (including modifications to the standard graphical user interface ("GUI") and command files).
  • Installation, configuration, debugging, or custom integration between third party software (beyond ANSYS' software integration applications).
  • Writing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, debugging, or updating of user-written sub-routines, interfaces, or programs (FORTRAN, C, shell scripts, etc.).
  • Comparing and correlating customer results from the software with other software-produced simulation data or test data.
  • Running a simulation for a customer that does not have the required combination of hardware, operating system, software, compilers etc.
  • System administration.

We are pleased to help with the items listed above, but this would require a separate arrangement outside of normal technical support.