B.S. in engineering or engineering experience.  Course assumes proficiency with ANSYS ANSYS Mechanical and the Workbench Environment.

Access to ANSYS Mechanical software (v15).


Common approaches to structural analysis of rubber components assume the material is linear and incompressible. This simplistic approach will generally not produce FEA results which correlate well with testing. More importantly, it can produce non-conservative solutions, meaning that the part will fail prematurely. A better representation of the true structural behavior of rubber materials allows engineers to perform more accurate simulations and produce truly predictive results.

This online ANSYS training course covers the wide range of rate-independent hyperelastic constitutive models available in ANSYS Mechanical for modeling elastomer materials.  Elastomers are a class of polymers that include both natural and synthetic rubbers which are amorphous and comprised of long molecular chains that are initially twisted, coiled and randomly oriented, but partially straighten and untwist under tensile loading. Elastomers can undergo large elastic deformations on the order of 100% to 700% with little volume change.  Their stress-strain relationship is highly nonlinear, and the constitutive models are defined through a strain energy density function, typically defined from curve-fitting test data.  This training course will present background on how to create and include hyperelasticity in structural finite element models to analyze the response of such structures as o-rings, automobile tires, washers, or seals.   

Day 1 - 10:00am - 12:00pm - Lecture

Day 2 - 10:00am 12:00pm - Instructor-Led Workshop Session and Q&A period

Topics Include:

  • Background on the physics of rubber.

  • Background on hyperelastic theory.

  • Particular forms of the strain energy potential.

  • Curve-fitting procedure.

  • Solution settings and strategies for hyperelastic models.

Workshops are provided in this ANSYS training course to demonstrate features.

Instructor: Michael Bak, Ph.D. brings over 30 years analysis experience, teaching our full lineup of ANSYS courses.  He also teaches engineering courses as an adjuct professor at several local universitites.

Online Course Information

This course consists of a 2 hour lecture session on Day 1. Day 2 consists of a two-hour instructor led workshop session and question and answer period.  A total of 4 PE credits will be awarded for attendance, after the completion of a course evaluation.

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