Overcoming Product Development Challenges in Healthcare - Webinar

The development of new medical products and processes is complicated and multi-faceted. Using engineering simulation throughout the development process allows innovative ideas to reach the market faster, by predicting their safety and efficacy.

Simulation enables people with diverse engineering backgrounds to create a single model - or digital prototype, allowing the entire team to understand the complete picture of device behavior, while also clearing unique regulatory hurdles. The FDA is committed to a future of digital patients, virtual clinical trials, and personalized medicine, where incorporating engineering simulation in the development process plays a key role in predicting the safety and effectiveness of these devices. .

This 30 minute webinar will explore, through specific examples, how engineering simulation can help overcome the challenges companies face during medical product development.

You will learn about:

  • The advantages offered by simulation.
  • How a virtual model of the human body can be used to predict device performance.
  • How ANSYS simulation software can be used to validate your product's design and assist with regulatory approval.

Webinar Information

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PE Credit

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