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Fluid-structure interaction projects are challenging. Perhaps the most complex type of CFD analysis occurs when the CFD simulation is fully coupled to a structural FEA solution—referred to as a fluid-structure interaction analysis, or FSI analysis. The convergence of the FSI analysis not only requires convergence of the nonlinear Navier-Stokes equations, but also simultaneous achievement of equilibrium with the nonlinear structural FEA solution.

Our skilled FEA and CFD consultants provide you with an accurate solution for FEA and CFD analyses that are intrinsically coupled together. These are generally problems where fluid pressure creates structural deformation at the fluid boundaries, which, in turn, changes the fluid pressure. Independent analysis of each physics, without consideration of the coupling, can produce misleading results.

CAE Associates’ FSI services utilize a powerful software combination of ANSYS CFX or Fluent CFD and ANSYS Mechanical to produce high-fidelity results. Our extensive FSI analysis tools are designed to work together seamlessly in a true multi-physics environment, allowing our consultants to focus on getting the physics of the problem correct.

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  • We work across a broad range of industries on a variety of fluid-structure interaction projects including piezoelectric ink-jet valves, journal bearings, foil bearings, high-pressure actuation valves, biomedical devices and aeroelasticity.
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