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Each of our FEA consultants bring over 15 years of industry experience, delivering clear and cost-effective solutions to your structural and thermal analysis challenges.

Whether you seek to optimize the performance of a single component, design complex assemblies, or automate existing processes, an FEA consultant from CAE Associates won’t stop at simply solving the problem – they’ll ensure that you understand the solution.

More Effective Design Decisions with Finite Element Analysis

Our FEA consultants leverage advanced degrees and backgrounds in aerospace, civil-structural engineering, automotive, power generation, nuclear, and other industries to effectively analyze the core elements of every challenge.

Through this process, an FEA consultant is able to determine the most crucial components of your goal to prioritize analysis activities and iteratively refine the results. This approach maximizes the benefits from simulation and your understanding of the project’s progress, helping you to make more effective decisions in conjunction with your FEA consultant.

Why CAE Associates?

By engaging CAE Associates, clients achieve solutions as well as a clear understanding of the physics involved in their challenges. When you work with us, you will receive:

  • Timely and expert FEA solutions to drive your project forward.
  • FEA consultants who will help you make the best possible design decisions based on your analysis.


For our clients’ perspective on working with CAE Associates, see our client testimonials, FEA client list and case studies.


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