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We provide thermal analysis services to address your thermal management design challenges.

In many applications, the primary quantity of interest is the temperature distribution in an assembly when it is subjected to a combination of external heat sources and internal heat generation. For these types of design challenges, thermal analysis provides detailed temperatures and heat flow paths. 

Our thermal analysis services include cooling for electronic enclosures, heat exchangers, electric motors, furnaces, and gas turbine engine components.

Thermal analysis case studies can be found here.

Why CAE Associates?
We’ve been performing comprehensive thermal analysis services since 1981, using both finite element analysis heat transfer tools and conjugate heat transfer (CHT) within a CFD analysis.

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Thermal Analysis Services

  • We solve these types of problems for clients across the petrochemical, aerospace, automotive and turbomachinery industries, through finite element analysis or CFD analysis, depending on the application and required results—and provide recommendations for redesign.
  • A major concern in designing an efficient air-conditioning system is to eliminate possible “hot spots” in the room. We provide thermal analysis services to clients designing data centers to help them optimize power requirements and vent placement for these facilities.
  • For many high-temperature engineering applications, the thermal loads are the primary cause of fracture or fatigue. We compute the temperatures and subsequent fatigue life of designs subject to extreme thermal gradients, and perform creep analysis for high-temperature components to ensure survivability over many cycles of performance.
  • As electronic packages become smaller and smaller, thermal management becomes critical. We perform thermal analysis services for all types of electrical components such as motors, electronic boards and enclosures, and computers. The thermal analysis results help to develop optimal cooling schemes to ensure survivability.