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CAE Associates Exhibits at Advanced Energy Conference

November 24, 2008

CAE Associates exhibited at the 2008 Advanced Energy Conference in Hauppauge, NY.

In the increasingly competitive energy market, utilities and equipment manufacturers alike are turning to ANSYS and CAE Associates to give them the technological advantage which comes from a better understanding of their equipment and processes.

With the world's existing supply of fossil fuels projected to last between 25-40 years, technologies for alternative fuels are now a critical component of a nationwide energy policy. Over the two days of the conference attendees will have the opportunity to explore various potential solutions to decreasing our dependence on fossil fuel. 

Whether designing a hydraulic turbine, a wind farm, or a nuclear power plant, ANSYS presents a complete picture of the power source's operation.

With this information, areas where there are deficiencies can be identified, and more importantly, their causes established. This knowledge can help to direct design improvements or operating strategies which can be tested with the model before they are implemented.

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