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CAE Associates Hosts SpaceClaim Direct Modeler Webinar

August 18, 2010

CAE Associates was pleased to host a complimentary one-hour webinar introducing ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeling (ANSYS SCDM) software on August 18th.  If you missed this webinar, you can view it here.

ANSYS SCDM provides a new way to manipulate your CAD models. The model becomes completely dynamic, allowing you to move, stretch and add and remove geometry features with ease. All changes to the geometry occur in real time enabling instant feedback on design iterations. This functionality will work with existing CAD models from 3rd party systems as well as geometry built directly in ANSYS SCDM. The user can also dimension these changes, making it simple to parametrically alter the original geometry model.   For example, an IGES file can be imported into ANSYS SCDM and modified as if it was fully parametric.