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Chris Mesibov Awarded Three Patents

June 20, 2017

CAE Associates' Senior Project Manager Chris Mesibov was recently awarded three patents for his work on optical amplifier control circuitry.

In modern telecommunications, fiber optical networks transmit tremendous amount of information of long distances via optical fibers using multiple wavelengths of laser light. Telecommunication carriers such as ATT and Verizon require optical amplifiers to restore the optical signal after long distances of transmission. The amplification process is purely optical, meaning there is no optical/electrical conversion of the transmitted information. The circuitry was required to monitor the optical power entering and exiting the optical amplifier and control the amplifier gain.  This gain must be held constant under all conditions and must be adjusted quickly even in the case of an input power transient situation.  In order to accomplish these goals the control electronics must overcome certain obstacles to ensure errors do not creep into the control process.

“It’s a rare thrill when your work is recognized as completely unique by your peers,” said Mesibov, "I hope that I can transfer the knowledge and perspectives that led me to this work to make CAE Associates' customers more successful.

The patents address optical amplifier control in the following areas:

1) Replicate photodetector current – The photodetector measures the optical power and this measurement is represented in the detector current and needed by multiple location in the circuitry.

2) Precisely amplify the current and turn it into a voltage – The integrated circuits used in this process must be accurate and not introduce any errors.

3) Match the performance of the input power detection and the output power detection - Achieving this ensures transient related gain errors are minimized.