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Introducing Chris Mesibov!

Chris | CAE Associates | Electromagnetic Consulting
June 23, 2016

Hi, I’m Chris Mesibov.  I recently joined the CAE Associates' technical team, and am pleased to have the opportunity to work with these consummate professionals! I have over 25 years of electrical engineering experience with a strong concentration in Signal Integrity and analog circuit design. Signal Integrity (SI) is the effort to ensure high speed electrical signals have optimal performance while traversing a transmission line. A transmission line could be copper connections on a printed circuit board (PCB), a cable or signals propagating in a wireless connection. SI analysis simulation is essential to electrical engineers who need to ensure a PCB spin first pass success.

Prior to joining CAE Associates, I worked for Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. where I performed signal integrity analysis and opto-electronic designs for ROADM systems.   I was also responsible for the development of electronic hot swappable power systems, fan controllers and optical network protection switching for telecom applications.

My signal integrity analysis efforts include developing high speed interfaces operating up to 40GHz using ANSYS HFSS. I have also used HFSS and the HFSS 3D layout tool to develop complex PCB models that accurately simulate every PCB feature including chip packages, traces, vias, and connectors and simulating these features at a system interconnection level. These days, data transmission rates are ever increasing, and PCB components densities are increasing, all while still requiring low cost PCB material.  These challenges further stymie efforts to accurately measure the performance of signals in a laboratory setting. Dense chip packaging can make accessing signals almost impossible and parasitic properties in signal probing methods usually impair the signals under test. All of these situations suggest that an accurate simulation might be the only assurance an engineer has in ensuring a reliable design.

Prior to FNC, I developed RF/uWave test equipment for defense and wireless industries. In this field I developed ultra low noise power supplies, digital subsystems and optimized single sideband (SSB) block up-converter systems.

At CAE Associates, I'm involved in all phases of electrical engineering consulting projects, technical support of the ANSYS products, and software training.
When I’m not analyzing transmission line signal integrity; I enjoy playing progressive rock on my Hammond B3 and Moog Voyager synthesizer. I try to go SCUBA diving whenever I get the chance. I have also been studying Chinese language since 2009 and have traveled to China seven times since then.

I look forward to helping our customers tackle their electrical engineering challenges and ensuring their designs have first pass success!