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Steven Hale M.S.M.E Senior Engineering Manager

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Steven Hale brings over 20 years of experience in finite element modeling and analysis of structures - including nonlinear statics, high-energy transient dynamics, nonlinear material behavior, vibration and heat transfer. Steve is skilled in the application of ANSYS software, and also has considerable experience with LS-Dyna. He has developed both high-speed transient and quasi-static models, including projectile impacts, drop testing, and metal forming. Steve has also worked extensively in the area of material modeling for transient analyses. He also provides ANSYS technical support to customers, and teaches our full lineup of training courses as well as courses in ANSYS LS-Dyna.

In his free time, Steve coaches and plays soccer, studies wildlife, spends time in the snow, explores underwater, and travels as much as he can.


Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University

Recent Posts:

May 22, 2017

What can you do when you need a novel approach to improve on an existing design? Or perhaps you’ve been asked to design a brand new part that needs to fit into a limited space, be lightweight, and survive a lengthy life cycle, but you only have a rough idea of what the part should look like. In most cases, parts are designed by improving on an existing design or concept. In such cases, dimensions or other design inputs are typically defined in terms of parameters.

December 6, 2016

CAE Associates has a long history of providing high-quality engineering simulation training. Direct feedback and surveys from our students show a high regard for the instructors, high satisfaction with the training, and eagerness to apply newly-learned skills.  But just because something works well doesn’t mean it can’t get better.