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Assembly Modeling e-Learning Presentation

This presentation accompanied the Assembly Modeling ANSYS e-Learning session, originally given in November 2012 by CAE Associates.  To view a recording of the session, click here.

Most finite element analyses performed today include multiple parts that require connections. Selecting the appropriate type of connection and achieving a converged robust solution are challenges for even the most experienced analysts. Analyses often require a combination of bonded, no separation and standard contact solutions. Each technique requires an understanding of the analysis tool and how it provides the engineer a valuable understanding of the modeled mechanism response.

CAE Associates’ Vice President Peter Barrett guides you through the process of structural analysis assembly modeling. You will learn how to:

  • Effectively create and manage your contact groups
  • Understand your unconverged solution
  • Prevent rigid body motion
  • Quantify and/or Increase the accuracy of analyses
  • Interpert results with contact elements

If you are just using the default contact settings in ANSYS Workbench Mechanical or just need a refresher on the different contact elements and convergence tools available in ANSYS, you should view this e-Learning session to expand your analysis expertise.