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Combined Meshing in Workbench - e-Learning Presentation

This presentation accompanied the Combined Meshing in Workbench ANSYS e-Learning session, originally given in April 2015 by CAE Associates.  To view a recording of the session, click here.

The use of beam and shell elements in a FEA model often results in a more efficient simulation than if all solid elements are used. Learn how to handle using different element types within ANSYS Workbench to build a more efficient analytical model.

This e-Learning session discusses how solids, surfaces and beams can be combined and used within one model. The capabilities which produce a continuous mesh (e.g. shared topology) are shown as well as methods that can be used to connect together various element types. These concepts are illustrated with various examples. CAE Associates' Engineering Manager Eric Stamper shows capabilities you could be missing!

Specific topics of this demonstration include:

  • Handling mixtures of beam, shell & solid element types