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Damage of Fiber-Reinforced Composites - ANSYS e-Learning

Fiber-reinforced composite materials are known to have various failure mechanisms, including fiber and matrix failure that can occur under both tensile and compressive loadings.  Often, these types of materials can still support loading even after some damage has occurred.  Damage modeling can be used to determine the onset of composite material damage, as well as predict the post-damage response of the structure.

This ANSYS e-Learning session demonstrates some approaches to modeling damage in fiber-reinforced composite materials.


Topics covered:

  • Review of common failure criteria.
  • Review of damage evolution laws.
  • Demonstration of damage modeling for fiber-reinforced composites using ANSYS Mechanical.

If you cannot access the video above, you can view this ANSYS e-Learning session here.

The complete library of ANSYS e-Learning series recordings is available for viewing via CAE Associates YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer: This session is a recording of a live presentation. Please note that you cannot obtain a PE credit by viewing this recording.