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Ford Motor Company Utilizes ANSYS Meshing Solutions

Ford Engine Component Mesh

The Engine NVH Analysis Section at Ford Motor Company is responsible for providing CAE NVH design analysis support to the Advanced, V-Engine Component and Engine Systems programs. Some of the types of analysis performed in this section include:

  • Engine component and assembly modal & vibrational response analysis
  • Engine component and assembly radiated noise analysis
  • Crank/Block dynamic interaction analysis
  • Air intake system NVH analysis
  • Exhaust manifold radiated noise analysis

The types of parts that Ford is meshing can range from simple stampings to complex castings of cylinder heads, blocks, and manifolds, to even more complex multi-piece composite intake manifolds. Most of Ford's model ata is imported directly from I-DEAS but some of the data comes from X-ray scans.  Engineers at Ford then create meshed models using ANSYS AI*Environment tet meshing that meet our element size and quality criteria.

Because program timing is being compressed on a regular basis, the demand for quick turnaround on the design analysis is constantly growing. As our finite element models become bigger (more degrees of freedom) they tend to drive the analysis time longer, which creates the need for quick FE models that accurately represent the structures, with the smallest number of degrees of freedom an absolute must.